You need to be aware of some of the fundamental differences in the performance of electric and gas water heaters. These will affect the temperature and timing of hot water coming to your home through your internal plumbing. If you are building a new house, it might be necessary to choose between electricity or gas. Most homeowners in Chula Vista, CA have an existing connection for both electric and natural gas. Converting from one to the other can improve the reliability and availability of your water.

A water heater is expected to last about 13 years on average, regardless of whether it’s electric or gas. A heater is a long-term investment. This longer-term perspective makes fuel consumption and water waste more important. However, this is how you can see the differences between electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

Water heaters: function, purpose, and process

Although they may be significantly different in price, their operating principles are almost identical. They heat up using a heat exchange. Traditional heaters have a tank that stores heated water until it is needed. Tankless heaters do not store hot water and instead produce hot water upon demand.

The heater’s size will depend on the size of your house or facility, as well as the number of people who will use it. Larger households will use storage tank-style heaters while apartments prefer tankless heaters.

Installation Cost

The installation costs for an electric water heaters Chula Vista or gas water heater are generally the same. Prices will vary depending on whether you have access to electric or gas service and the quality and quantity of pipes and valves required for water delivery to the heater. Installing a water heater will cost anywhere from US$200 to US$700.

Operation costs

There are different operating costs for water heaters. For a year, a gas heater will cost homeowners between $200 and $800. An electric water heater can be operated for between $400 and $1200. These are just rough estimates of the fuel cost. There is also the cost of water. Prices vary depending on where you live, but it doesn’t matter if you choose between electric or gas water heaters.

Efficiency Gas water heaters have an 80% efficiency rate when turning fuel into hot water, while electric heaters only have a 95% efficiency. Although this may seem small, a 15% increase in efficiency can make a significant difference if you are using a lot of hot water.

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